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Electric vehicle for modern urban driving

Elcat Cityvan 202 is an electric delivery van that is designed for today's urban traffic. It is exceedingly efficient environmentally, and is a nimble little electric van that can handle your company business and deliveries, capably and reliably. The Elcat has already been driven over 4 million kilometres by our customers; good proof of the vehicle's popularity and inherent reliability.


Cityvan 202 displays its best qualities in the busy streets of cities and towns, because its compact measurements, driveability and small turning circle make it a handy tool in normal delivery traffic. Loading and unloading are easy using the sliding doors fitted on each side and the large rear door that opens upwards. The new, accurate energy meter tells the driver how much energy is left and also helps establish economical driving habits. After a run, charging is easy from the standard mains - just plug it into a grounded 230 V 16 A socket.


Cityvan 202 - your company's green business card

Cityvan 202 raises admiration through its quiet - almost silent - driving. It moves softly, disturbing no-one. The one aspect that charms the other drivers and pedestrians most is, however, Elcat's cleanliness. Which is why Cityvan 202 is a welcome guest anywhere.




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