Decades of expertise

Elcat Electric Vehicles was established in 1985 with the aim of developing a commercial electric vehicle (EV) for urban delivery traffic. However, Elcat Oy, the owner of Elcat Electric Vehicles, has been researching electric vehicles since the beginning of 1970's. The primary product is the Elcat Cityvan 202, a successful example of an environmentally-friendly, dependable and economical commercial vehicle.

Elcat electric vehicles today


So far we have manufactured approximately 200 ELCAT Cityvans which are all circulating in normal traffic all over the world and which have already covered over three million kilometers in daily commercial use. For example, Finland Post Ltd has 60 of these nippy little Elcat Cityvans delivering the mail daily. Finland Post has been so pleased with its Elcat Cityvans that it has undertaken to increase (maybe triple, perhaps quadruple) the number in its use by the end of the year 2002. The speciality of Elcat EVs is that they are made to perform reliably also in arctic conditions.


Elcat Oy is owned by former eplyees and it is an independent Company.


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